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Consulting material for touching, selling, using, teaching, learning and decorating. Made with care for many purposes. For professionals by professionals.
Here we introduce you to a few products and their names in order to get to know them and perhaps already make friends with them ...

ColorPocket® - Color Fans

ColorPocket® (CP) are called all color fans in pocket-sized compact format. The form developed by us ("piece of cake") and the finish is extremely handy and yet robust. The easy-to-fan individual colors are perfect for reliable color matching with clothing and accessories. These ColorPockets are available in different color quantities of 24, 36 and 48 single colors or with two-sided printing (CP 2sides) in 160 shades. All ColorPockets are firmly screwed with a transparent slipcase in which the color plates are well protected. Available in more than 210 standard grades:

  • After seasons
  • According to seasons and their priorities
  • According to color qualities
  • Special business assortments (women and men)
  • Title pages to select in various designs and languages

S H O P ☞ C O L O R P O C K E T

ColorFlag - Analysis and Consultation Cloths

ColorFlag is the name of our analysis and consulting cloths, which we offer in two standard formats: generous and in a smaller compact format. We are a bit proud of the best workmanship in tailor quality with circumferential hem, sewn-in color number and a stable eyelet. Even after years and many uses, the cloths do not fray and remain a reliable tool. Of course, we use fine fabric qualities of cotton and high-quality cotton blends, which are mat and pleasant and are also used in clothing. We do not process glossy fabrics and synthetics. Even our metallics are pleasant in touch and look. Each cloth can be ordered separately or presorted in low-priced cloth sets:

  • According to seasons
  • According to seasons and their priorities
  • According to color qualities
  • ColorFlag Business  sortings in fine woven fabrics with classic patterns

S H O P ☞ C O L O R F L A G

ColorJoker - Analysing Collars

We have called our fine collars "ColorJokers", with which the color analysis leads to quick and understandable result. Colored areas, which stand out for the respective color family, are combined to a well-recognizable color spectrum. In direct comparison with one another, the appropriate color harmony can be found convincingly for your consulting clients.

This product is also processes with our beautiful fabrics and has two practical sides: The backs are fitted in the matching metallic colors.

  •   After seasons
  •   According to color qualities
  •   Pastel shades for blouses, shirts, bridal wear

After the analysis, the type-specific color combinations can be shown as usual with the ColorFlags.

S H O P ☞ C O L O R J O K E R

FlagFolder and FlicFlag - Noble Fabric Color Fans

FlagFolder is the name of the fabric color fans in Leporello fold, which we offer in attractive appearance and beautiful color series. Handwritten hints can be placed in the lines on the back of the Leporellos. They are folded into firmly connected and high-quality made-up etuis und are closed by real leather flaps.

FlicFlag is the modern interpretation of classic fabric color fans. Fabric rows on transparent carrier plates (PVC-free) can be fanned out of a modern-looking case. The rows can be compared borderless with adjacent color surfaces.

Cover sheets for individual labeling are part of every fan.

  •     According to seasons
  •     According to seasons and their priorities
  •     According to color qualities
  •     Cover pages in many languages

S H O P ☞ F A B R I C C O L O R G U I D E S

ColorFriend - Color Friends for the Business Card Compartment

ColorFriend is what we call the small color cards with the 8 beautiful pages, which are a good alternative to larger and more elaborate color fans - and make you curious about a more extensive color experience.

  • According to seasons
  • According to seasons and their priorities
  • According to color qualities

S H O P ☞ C O L O R F R I E N D
  • ColorDisc and ColorMiniDisc - Round Color Discs in Large and Small

    Our ColorDiscs and ColorMiniDiscs provide full color information at a glance. No fan, no turning.Simply put it on clothes or accessoires and directly recognize whether adjacent color surfaces fit harmoniously into the color spectrum.
    Attractive color discs in two sizes for many purposes.
    • After seasons
    • According to seasons and their priorities
    • According to color qualities
    • Open spaces can be labeled by hand (name, etc.)
    • Each disc in a slipcase
  • ColorPoster and ColorCard - Posters and Postcards

    Our ColorPosters are not only decorative, above all, they are enlightening and explain different color advice approaches understandable.

    • After seasons
    • According to seasons and their priorities
    • According to color qualities

    The versatile ColorCards can be used as image products such as postcards (describe and send), for decoration and information they are just as suitable. Many motifs are available.

    S H O P ☞ P O S T E R + C A R D S

  • ColorTeint® - the Basis for Type-Specific Colors for Decorative Cosmetics

    ColorTeint® defines the product group, which is designed as a helpful support in the selection of suitable shades for primers and decorative make-up.

    ColorTeint® MiniDiscs fit into the smallest handbag and offer practical orientation for clients in front of the bewildering variety of make-up items.

    During the consultation, the ColorTeint® Palette supports the classification of the skin tone for further color suggestions.

    S H O P ☞ C O L O R T E I N T

  • Material for Business and Image Consulting

    The small, fine collection of different products is tailored to the advice of women and men in their business environment. These include ColorJoker in pastels like shirts and blouses, our amazing real shirt simulations called " Bluff Shirts", the really perfect consultation cloths in fine woven classical textures, selected classic color fans " PocketFlag" in fabric and of course the sophisticated ColorPocket Business series for women and men.

    S H O P ☞ B U S I N E S S

    Freestyle - Realize Your Own Ideas

    Although our standard assortment offers an immense choice and variety of color schemes, there is still something different that you would like to imagine or would like to change?

    You would like to have a fan in fabric or paper in your own color scheme, which is perfectly tailored to your consultancy? An individual unique piece? Freestyle allows you to easily compile your own color fan in the smallest quantities at reasonable prices. 

    S H O P ☞ F R E E S T Y L E

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