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A look beyond the horizon ...
The common and most widespread foundations of color consulting on humans presented here are only a small selection of the actual variety that exists worldwide!
The intentionally concise descriptions are intended as brief information. Historical and regional backgrounds, methods of color advice or details from consulting practice are not explained.
Color consultations that also include chakra or other color sources or color therapies are not listed here.
The purpose of this overview in key words is also to think outside the box on the color consulting roots, according to which counseling colleagues work.
If you are interested in a consultation or training, you may find out in which direction you would like to orient yourself even after meeting the various possibilities.

A consultant who is safe and experienced in her color system will lead to a positive and enriching counseling experience. Regardless of how the system is named, on the basis of which she analyzes.

The Colorcircus program offers the corresponding advice materials for all subsequent color basics.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

4 Seasons

The most widespread is the advice that has been practiced in Europe since the 1960s, based on the 4 seasons developed in the United States.

The transmission of the respective color appearance of nature characterizes the color seasons:

Spring: warm, fresh, bright

Summer: cool, smoky, mat

Autumn: warm, earthy, rich

Winter: cool, clear, intense

An essential feature is the overall classification in warm and cool nuances.

The seasons terms are also used for the appropriately analyzed color types.

Slight variations with additionally recommended single colors from other color families do not change the main specification into warm and cool.

6 Seasons

In addition to the 4 seasons, the color spectrum is supplemented by two additional color images:

In the warm spectrum, the scale is added between spring and autumn, and in the cool range the range between summer and winter. In each case, the middle shades of both seasons determine these intermediate spectra.

An essential feature here is also the overall distinction between warm and cool.

The terms "spring-autumn" and "summer-winter" are used as titles.

9 Seasons

In addition to the aforementioned seasons, there are 3 additional combinations between seasons:

Spring-summer: bright and fresh

Summer-autumn: mild and temperate

Autumn-winter: dark and full

These combinations exceed the differentiation into only warm and cool nuances within a color-type spectrum.

10 Seasons

In addition to the above nine seasons, this consulting approach includes the winter-spring spectrum, which is characterized by fresh and clear colors.

This combination also contains warm and cool nuances within one color type spectrum.

4 Seasons
with Priorities

This color advice base, which is also used worldwide and originates from the USA, differentiates within the seasons spectra according to additional emphases for further differentiation possibilities.

Spring plus: clear, warm or bright

Summer plus: bright, cool or mat

Autumn plus: temperate, warm or dark

Winter plus: dark, cool or clear

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6 Color Qualities

On the rise, the analysis based on the color qualities is warm, cool, light, dark, subdued (muted) and clear.

In contrast to the seasons based consultation, which is divided into "warm" and "cool" in particular, all qualities are treated as equivalent properties.

The names of the color images use terms like "light" and "clear", etc.

Seasonal terms are not required.

Color qualities are also referred to as "color dominances" or "color priorities".

Color Qualities
in Combinations

In addition to distinguishing between the six "pure" color dominances, the combination of two to three color qualities increases the possibilities of differentiated results and precise advice recommendations.

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Color Sortings

Sometimes experienced color consultants - irrespective of their system - do not find a satisfactory answer for their clients in the given standards. In this case, our range of freestyle single colors is a practical way to modify standards or to put together completely free color spectra.

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